Open Access

Channel View Publications and Multilingual Matters are happy to offer the possibility of making your book available through "Gold" Open Access immediately on publication. This is a form of Open Access publication where the author, the author's institution or a funding body, pays for the cost of publication upfront, in return for the publication being immediately accessible with no barriers to access.

When we publish a book Open Access, we commit to putting the manuscript through exactly the same rigorous peer-review process as we do for all of our manuscripts and we commit to each Open Access book getting the full marketing and promotional efforts for which our authors choose us.

We usually set an Open Access fee at approximately our break-even point on a project and we only make a profit from selling a printed version alongside the Open Access version. Hence it is in our best interests to promote your Open Access work in exactly the same manner as we promote our traditional model publications.

Fees vary according to the complexity of a project but, for a guideline, please assume £80 per 1,000 words or approximately £20 per manuscript page. It is likely that the true cost will be less but we cannot guarantee this until we have seen the manuscript.

If you would like to discuss this option, please contact Tommi Grover or Anna Roderick to discuss the next steps.

Channel View Publications and Multilingual Matters recognise that Open Access is one potential solution to increasing the accessibility of academic research and also recognise that there are concerns about publishing fees restricting the ability of academics with less funding from being able to publish if fees are set too high. We continue to welcome both traditional model and Open Access publications and we are open to any suggestions for hybrid or alternative funding models.

You can read more about Open Access in Tommi's blog post.

Our Open Access Titles

Open Education and Second Language Learning and Teaching edited by Carl S. Blyth and Joshua J. Thoms

Second Language Pronunciation Assessment edited by Talia Isaacs and Pavel Trofimovich