Linguistic Landscapes and Educational Spaces

Edited by: Edina Krompák, Víctor Fernández-Mallat, Stephan Meyer

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Multilingual Matters
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How do written and other signs shape our educational spaces and practices; and how, in turn, are these written and other signs shaped by the educational spaces and practices they inhabit? Building on inquiries into the linguistic landscapes of public spaces, this volume addresses these questions and thereby further advances the educational turn in linguistic and semiotic landscapes studies. Prompted by social changes associated with migration and superdiversity, as well as imperatives to promote pluri- and multilingualism, the studies collected here speak to the interest of researchers and practitioners in educational linguistics and educational sciences. They confirm the value of combining empirical analyses of linguistic and semiotic educationscapes with action research on mobilising linguistic landscapes as pedagogical resources to promote multilingual equality.

This volume helps expand our understanding of the way language learning is always geosemiotically structured – sometimes hindering or closing off access, other times opening up powerful new opportunities. I applaud the editors for bringing together such a distinctive, diverse array of case studies.

Crispin Thurlow, University of Bern, Switzerland

Edina Krompák is Head of Research and Development at Schaffhausen University of Teacher Education, Switzerland. Her research interests include linguistic landscapes in educational contexts, multilingual language use and identity, translanguaging and multilingual play in early childhood.

Víctor Fernández-Mallat is Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics at Georgetown University, USA. His research interests include sociolinguistics, language attitudes, address forms, Spanish in the US and linguistic landscapes.

Stephan Meyer is Deputy Director of the Language Centre at the University of Basel, Switzerland. His interests include scholarly discourse, multilingualism and social theory. 


Part 1  Linguistic and Semiotic Educationscapes

Chapter 1. Edina Krompák, Víctor Fernández-Mallat and Stephan Meyer: The Symbolic Value of Educationscapes – Expanding Intersections between Linguistic Landscape and Education 

Chapter 2. Sabine Lehner: Linguistic Landscapes and Constructions of Space in a Learning Club for Young Refugees in Vienna

Chapter 3. Leona Harris, Una Cunningham, Jeanette King, Dyanna Stirling: Landscape Design for Language Revitalisation: Linguistic Landscape In and Beyond a Māori Immersion Early Childhood Centre

Chapter 4. Carla Bagna and Martina Bellinzona: Italian Linguistic Schoolscape: Neo-plurilingualism in an Age of Migration

Chapter 5. Corey Huang Fanglei: Displaying Care: The Neoliberal Semiotic Landscape of Psychological Health Services Posters on a University Campus in Hong Kong

Chapter 6. Boglárka Straszer and David Kroik: Promoting Indigenous Language Rights in Saami Educational Spaces: Findings from a Preschool in Southern Saepmie

Chapter 7. Edina Krompák: Blackboard – A Space within a Space. Visible Linguistic and Social Practices in Swiss Primary Classrooms

Part 2 Linguistic Landscape as a Pedagogical Resource

Chapter 8. Mieke Vandenbroucke: Institutional Educationscapes for New Speakers in Flanders: Language Learning Campaigns and Linguistic Integration

Chapter 9. Kirk P.H. Sullivan, Christian Waldmann and Maria Wiklund: Using Participatory Linguistic Landscapes as Pedagogy for Democracy: A Didactic Study in a Primary School Classroom

Chapter 10. July De Wilde, Johannes Verhoene, Jo Tondeur, Ellen Van Praet: 'Go in practice': Linguistic Landscape and Outdoor Learning

Chapter 11. Solvita Burr: Linguistic Landscape Signs in First-Language Learning Materials: From Passively Illustrative Function to Meaningful Learning Experiences

Chapter 12. Yu Li: Cultural Authenticity in the Linguistic Landscape: Developing Additional-Language Learners' Critical Intercultural Understanding

Chapter 13. Durk Gorter and Jasone Cenoz: Linguistic Landscapes in Educational Contexts: An Afterword

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