Forging Multilingual Spaces: Integrated Perspectives on Majority and Minority Bilingual Education

Edited by: Christine Hélot, Anne-Marie de Mejía

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This book offers a new perspective for research in the field of bilingual education by proposing an integrated approach to the study of bilingualism in minority and majority settings. Programmes for indigenous groups, for national minorities and for migrants are analysed together with programmes aimed at dominant language groups, by well-known scholars from eight different countries in Europe and the Americas. Each contribution seeks to go beyond the traditional dichotomy between policy, practice and research into bilingual education programmes for majority language speakers, and modalities offered for minority language speakers. Thus, the book argues for the construction of a shared discourse for research into bilingualism and bilingual education and for the adoption of an ecological perspective on language education.

This collection, is well-designed, highly readable, and provides many insights useful beyond the case examples from the two continents covered.

The book offers a global perspective of the impact of overt and covert language education policies on the use and perceptions of majority and minority languages in society as well as on the implementation of bilingual programs in the classroom. This volume constitutes a useful resource for policymakers genuinely invested in the promotion of minority languages in their countries, as well as for researchers and students of teacher preparation programs interested in gaining a better, more global, understanding of the complexities of second and foreign language teaching and the (negative) repercussions that certain linguistic policies have on the maintenance and spread of minority languages and ~n the daily lives of their speakers.

Language Policy (2011) 10:73-75

Christine Hélot is a professor of English and a teacher educator at the University of Strasbourg in France (Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres d'Alsace). She is the coordinator of a research programme on plurilingualism, intercultural education, and language learning.

Anne-Marie de Mejía works in the Centre for Research and Development in Education at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. She has a Ph. D in Linguistics in the area of Bilingual Education. Her research interests include bilingual classroom interaction, process of teacher empowerment and bilingual teacher development.

1. Introduction - Christine Hélot and Anne-Marie de Mejía


2. Teaching Spanish and Spanish in Teaching in the US: Integrating Bilingual Perspectives - Ofelia García

3. Plurilingual Latin America: Indigenous Languages, Immigrant Languages, Foreign Languages - Towards an Integrated Policy of Language and Education - Rainer Enrique Hamel

4. Points of Contact or Separate Paths: A Vision of Bilingual Education in Colombia - Anne-Marie de Mejía and María Emilia Montes Rodríguez

5. Staff Profiles in Minority and Prestigious Bilingual Education Contexts in Argentina - Cristina Banfi and Silvia Rettaroli


6. The National Languages Strategy in the UK: Are Minority Languages Still on the Margins? - Jim Anderson, Charmian Kenner and Eve Gregory

7. Bilingual Education in France: School Policies versus Home Practices – Christine Hélot

8. Languages and Language Learning in Catalan Schools: From the Bilingual to the Multilingual Challenge - Cristina Escobar Urmeneta and Virginia Unamuno

9. Educating for Participation in a Bilingual or a Multilingual Society? Challenging the Power Balance between English and Irish (Gaelic) and other Minority Languages in Ireland - Muiris à Laoire 

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