L2 Writing Beyond English Edited by: Nur Yigitoglu, Melinda Reichelt

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10 Apr 2019
New Perspectives on Language and Education
Multilingual Matters
234 x 156


Most of what we know about writing in a second or foreign language (L2) is based on conclusions drawn from research on L2 writing in English. However, a significant quantity of L2 writing and writing instruction takes place in languages other than English and so there is a need for studies that look beyond English. The chapters in this book focus on languages other than English and investigate curricular issues, multiple languages in contact/conflict in L2 writing instruction and student attitudes toward pedagogical practices. The collection as a whole makes a valuable contribution to the study of L2 writing, and it will also prove an essential resource for instructors of second and foreign language writing.


This informative and valuable collection advances our understanding of L2 writing with its focus on the distinctive challenges faced when writing in a range of additional languages other than English is learned and taught in a variety of instructional contexts across the world. The book hence fills an important gap in L2 writing scholarship.

- Rosa M. Manchón, University of Murcia, Spain

In assembling this cogent and accessible volume on L2 writing in languages other than English, Nur Yigitoglu and Melinda Reichelt have made a long-needed and important contribution to L2 writing scholarship, moving the field toward a broader and more realistic and comprehensive understanding of the nature of L2 writing.

- Tony Silva, Purdue University, USA

As the first book of its kind, this edited volume brings together a collection of chapters that examine second language writing in non-English languages ranging from popular languages like French and Spanish to underrepresented ones such as Basque and Polish. It is a must-read book for those interested in researching second language writing in languages other than English, as well as those helping primary, secondary and/or university students develop second language writing competence in non-English languages.

- Icy Lee, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Author Biography:

Nur Yigitoglu is an Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at Bogazici University, Turkey. Her research interests include second language writing and teacher education.

Melinda Reichelt is a Professor of English and Director of ESL Writing at University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. Her research interests include second language writing and sociolinguistics.

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