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  • Cover image for Marketing National Parks for Sustainable Tourism
  • Cover image for Exploring the Use and Impact of Travel Guidebooks
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Reinventing the Local in Tourism Producing, Consuming and Negotiating Place

Edited by: Antonio Paolo Russo, Greg Richards | Paperback | 9781845415686

This book investigates the way localities are shaped and negotiated through tourism, and explores the emerging success of local peer-produced hospitality and tourism services which are transforming the tourist experience. Tourists are now being brought into much closer contact with locals and have new opportunities to experience the community at th…

Marketing National Parks for Sustainable Tourism

Author: Stephen L. Wearing, Stephen Schweinsberg, John Tower | Paperback | 9781845415570

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the key principles and challenges involved in tourism marketing in a national park context. It provides a framework to apply marketing principles to inform practices and guide the sustainable management of national parks and protected areas.…

Exploring the Use and Impact of Travel Guidebooks

Author: Victoria Peel, Anders Sørensen | Paperback | 9781845415624

This volume provides the first comprehensive examination of travel guidebooks and their conceptualisation, use and impact. Guidebooks have been key tourism paraphernalia for almost two centuries and although researched in some areas, academic knowledge on guidebooks in tourism has not been expansively communicated.…

Cultural Tourism in Southern Africa

Edited by: Haretsebe Manwa, Naomi N. Moswete, Jarkko Saarinen | Paperback | 9781845415518

This volume provides an accessible overview of cultural tourism in southern Africa. It examines the utilisation of culture in southern African tourism and the related impacts, possibilities and challenges from deep and wide-ranging perspectives.…

Tourism Research in China Themes and Issues

Author: Songshan (Sam) Huang, Ganghua Chen | Paperback | 9781845415464

This book provides critical in-depth reviews on key themes and issues in tourism research in China. These themes include: Chinese scholars’ epistemological views of tourism, rural tourism development, community participation in tourism, tourist market and behaviour, tourist attraction management and tour guiding and interpretation in China.…

Tourist Attractions From Object to Narrative

Author: Johan R. Edelheim | Hardback | 9781845415426

Tourist attractions constitute the metaphorical 'heart' of tourism. This book aims to both deconstruct and construct what tourist attractions are, how we perceive them and how we can enhance our understanding of what attracts us as tourists.…

Challenges in Tourism Research

Edited by: Tej Vir Singh | Paperback | 9781845415327

In this volume leading experts from different disciplines and diverse geographic regions discuss fundamental, often controversial topics in the field of tourism studies. The book attempts to understand, identify and analyse some of the perennial problems and challenges encountered by tourism researchers.…

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This month we published Ross Forman’s new book First and Second Language Use in Asian EFL which explores the issue of using students’ first language in the English language classroom. Anyone who has taught English in Asia will know that classroom practices and teacher/student roles are often quite different from what we might expect in Western contexts. In […]

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