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Film-Induced Tourism

Author: Sue Beeton | Paperback | 9781845415839

This research-based monograph presents an introduction to the concept of film-induced tourism, building on the work of the seminal first edition. Many new case studies exploring the relationship between film and TV and tourism have been added and existing cases have been updated.…

Asian Genders in Tourism

Edited by: Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore, Paolo Mura | Paperback | 9781845415785

While gender research in tourism has become increasingly important within Western academic circles, little has been written from an Asian perspective. This book is the first to address this knowledge gap and to fully explore Asian gendered identities and tourism.…

Gastronomy, Tourism and the Media

Author: Warwick Frost, Jennifer Laing, Gary Best, Kim Williams, Paul Strickland, Clare Lade | Paperback | 9781845415730

This book examines and analyses the connections between gastronomy, tourism and the media. It argues that in the modern world, gastronomy is increasingly a major component and driver of tourism and that destinations are using their cuisines and food cultures in marketing to increase their competitive advantage.…

Reinventing the Local in Tourism Producing, Consuming and Negotiating Place

Edited by: Antonio Paolo Russo, Greg Richards | Paperback | 9781845415686

This book investigates the way localities are shaped and negotiated through tourism, and explores the emerging success of local peer-produced hospitality and tourism services which are transforming the tourist experience. Tourists are now being brought into much closer contact with locals and have new opportunities to experience the comm…

Marketing National Parks for Sustainable Tourism

Author: Stephen L. Wearing, Stephen Schweinsberg, John Tower | Paperback | 9781845415570

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the key principles and challenges involved in tourism marketing in a national park context. It provides a framework to apply marketing principles to inform practices and guide the sustainable management of national parks and protected areas.…

Exploring the Use and Impact of Travel Guidebooks

Author: Victoria Peel, Anders Sørensen | Paperback | 9781845415624

This volume provides the first comprehensive examination of travel guidebooks and their conceptualisation, use and impact. Guidebooks have been key tourism paraphernalia for almost two centuries and although researched in some areas, academic knowledge on guidebooks in tourism has not been expansively communicated.…

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