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Book Proposal Guidelines

Please note at this stage we want only a brief summary of the whole project. Please follow the notes below and present the whole proposal in no more than 4–5 pages. If more information is needed, we will request to see sample chapters or the whole manuscript.

1. Working title of the book.
2. Name of the author(s)/editor(s)
3. Contact details for all the author(s)/editor(s):postal address and email address
4. Present appointment
5. Brief summary of career to date
6. Previous publications (if these are extensive please only include recent publications and highlights)
7. Purpose, aims and focus of the book. This is your main opportunity to persuade us to commission your book, so please be clear about what is unique/interesting/innovative about your manuscript.
8. Chapter by chapter breakdown of the contents.
9. Clear indication of the market and intended readership. If students or teachers form part of your intended readership, please indicate what aspects of your book will particularly interest them, and which courses the book would be relevant to if applicable.
10. Other competing titles for this market and why this is different/better.
11. Please suggest which of our series you think your book will fit into. Please be aware that we may suggest an alternative if we think it is more appropriate.
12. Predicted length in number of words (a page estimate isn’t any use to us).
13. Would the manuscript have many illustrations/tables/special typesetting requirements? If so, please give details.
14. Predicted timetable for delivery of the final manuscript.
15. Have you, or do you intend to, send the proposal for consideration to any other publishers? If this is the case, it is extremely important that we are informed.

Please browse our book series by clicking here. When you have chosen a series, please send as follows:

For books in the following Multilingual Matters series:
Critical Language and Literacy Studies
Language at Work
Language, Mobility and Institutions
Languages for Intercultural Communication and Education
MM Textbooks
Multilingual Matters
New Perspectives on Language & Education
New Writing Viewpoints
Parents' and Teachers' Guides
Researching Multilingually
Studies in Knowledge Production and Participation
send your proposal to: Anna Roderick anna@multilingual-matters.com

For books in the following Multilingual Matters series: 
Bilingual Education & Bilingualism
Communication Disorders Across Languages
Early Language Learning in School Contexts
Second Language Acquisition 
Translation, Interpreting and Social Justice in a Globalised World

send your proposal to: Laura Longworth laura@multilingual-matters.com

For books in the following Multilingual Matters series:
Linguistic Diversity and Language Rights
send your proposal to: Tommi Grover tommi@multilingual-matters.com

For books in the Channel View Publications series: 
Aspects of Tourism
Aspects of Tourism Texts 
Tourism Essentials
send your proposal to: Elinor Robertson elinor@channelviewpublications.com

For books in the Channel View Publications series: 
Tourism and Cultural Change
send your proposal to: Sarah Williams sarah@channelviewpublications.com 

You can also download a copy of our proposal guidelines here.