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English for Diplomatic Purposes

Edited by: Patricia Friedrich | Paperback | 9781783095469

English is used in diplomatic contexts worldwide, including in situations where none of the interlocutors are native-speakers. This ground-breaking volume brings together the perspectives of researchers and practitioners to discuss the needs of those using and learning English for Diplomatic Purposes.…

Rethinking Second Language Learning Using Intergenerational Community Resources

Edited by: Marisa Cordella, Hui Huang | Paperback | 9781783095391

This book evaluates a project where formal classroom learning of a second language was supplemented with informal, natural interactions with older native speakers of the target language, delivering a number of pedagogical and societal benefits. The authors introduce a model of intergenerational, intercultural encounters which aims to promote the us…

First and Second Language Use in Asian EFL

Author: Ross Forman | Hardback | 9781783095582

Many Asian education systems discourage or even ban the use of L1 in L2 classrooms – although in fact L1 remains widely used by teachers. Why is L1 use still devalued in this context? By observing classes and interviewing teachers, this book explores three dimensions of L1 use in L2 teaching: • pedagogy: what teachers actually do, and …

The Linguistic Landscape of Chinatown A Sociolinguistic Ethnography

Author: Jackie Jia Lou | Hardback | 9781783095629

This book presents a sociolinguistic ethnography of the linguistic landscape of Chinatown in Washington, DC. The book sheds a unique light on the impact of urban development on traditionally ethnic neighbourhoods and discusses the various historical, social and cultural factors that contribute to this area’s shifting linguistic landscape.…

Talking About Global Migration Implications for Language Teaching

Author: Theresa Catalano | Hardback | 9781783095544

How do migrants describe themselves and their experiences? As the world faces a migration crisis, there is an enhanced need for educational responses to the linguistic and cultural diversity of student bodies, and for consideration of migrant students at all levels of the curriculum. This book explores the stories of over 70 migrants from 41 countr…

Authenticity, Language and Interaction in Second Language Contexts

Edited by: Rémi A. van Compernolle, Janice McGregor | Paperback | 9781783095292

This collection addresses issues of authenticity in second language contexts from a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches along three principal themes: What is authentic language? Who is an authentic speaker? How is authenticity achieved? The volume attempts to answer these questions by bringing together scholars working in a range o…

Language, Immigration and Naturalization Legal and Linguistic Issues

Edited by: Ariel Loring, Vaidehi Ramanathan | Paperback | 9781783095148

This volume focuses on the everyday legalities and practicalities of naturalization, including governmental processes, the language of citizenship tests and classes, the labelling and lived experiences of immigrants/outsiders and the media’s interpretation of this process. The book brings together scholars from a wide range of specialities wh…

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The Life of a Book – Post-production!

Arguably the most exciting days in our office are the days when new books arrive. We love receiving such packages from the printer and having the final product in our hands, and we’re sure that our authors feel a sense of joy and achievement on receiving their copies. To some, this is seen as the […]

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