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Objects, Bodies and Work Practice

Edited by: Dennis Day, Johannes Wagner | Hardback | 9781788924528

What role do material objects play in the in-situ, embodied and spatial circumstances of interaction? How do people organize their embodied conduct with regard to such objects, and how is this consequential in and for their work practices? In this volume, contributors focus on these questions in terms of connections between ong…

Grammatical Profiles Further Languages of LARSP

Edited by: Martin J. Ball, Paul Fletcher, David Crystal | Hardback | 9781788924382

This book brings together 12 previously unpublished language profiles based on the original Language Assessment, Remediation and Screening Procedure (LARSP). The languages featured are: Bangla, Croatian, Colombian Spanish, Inuktitut, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swahili, Tamil and Turkish.…

Using Film and Media in the Language Classroom Reflections on Research-led Teaching

Edited by: Carmen Herrero, Isabelle Vanderschelden | Paperback | 9781788924474

This book demonstrates the positive impact of using film and audiovisual material in the language classroom. The chapters are evidence-based and address different levels and contexts of learning around the world.…

Profiling Learner Language as a Dynamic System

Edited by: ZhaoHong Han | Hardback | 9781788922791

This volume sheds empirical light on Complex Dynamic Systems Theory (CDST) by providing five sets of analyses of two longitudinal, interactional datasets, involving two dyads exchanging emails over one academic semester. The collective study on CDST is the first of its kind, in that it delves into multiple subsystems of learner language,…

Decolonising Multilingualism Struggles to Decreate

Author: Alison Phipps | Paperback | 9781788924047

What if my own multilingualism is simply that of one who is fluent in way too many colonial languages?</p> <em>If we are going to do this, if we are going to decolonise multilingualism, let’s do it as an attempt at a way of doing it. </em></p> <em>If we are going to do t…

The Legal Recognition of Sign Languages Advocacy and Outcomes Around the World

Edited by: Maartje De Meulder, Joseph J. Murray, Rachel L. McKee | Paperback | 9781788923996

This book presents the first ever comprehensive overview of national laws recognising sign languages, the impacts they have and the advocacy campaigns which led to their creation. It comprises 18 studies from communities across Europe, the US, South America, Asia and New Zealand.…

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The sun has finally come to Bristol and we’ve already published an array of exciting new books this summer, with plenty still to come! Here’s a round up of all the new titles for your summer reading list… June Decolonising Multilingualism In this groundbreaking text, Alison Phipps pulls together ethical approaches to researching multilingually in … Continue reading Summer Reads

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